Spanish Authorities Seize Narco Submarine in Malaga

Spanish police personnel and Europol operatives have captured a 30ft narco submarine while it was being built in Malaga, on the Costa del Sol.

More than 300 operatives took part in the raid with participation from the  National Police of Colombia (Policía Nacional de Colombia), the Dutch National Police (Politie), the Portuguese Judicial Police (Polícia Judiciária), the U.K. National Crime Agency and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The 30ft long and 10ft wide craft was made of fiberglass and plywood and ran on two 200hp engines.

Rafael Perez, head of the Spanish police, said the vessel has not yet been used or made a maiden voyage but they believed it could be used to ferry two metric tons of drugs. 

“What we think (is) it was going to go into the high seas, meet a mother ship, take aboard the stash… mainly of cocaine, we think. And then of course return to port for the cargo’s transportation,” said Perez.

Similar vessels have also been seized in drug operations in Latin America which were also being used for drug trafficking. 

Most narco subs that were captured cannot fully dive and have parts of their hull that are above the waterline. 

“What we think is that this semi-submersible was going to fill up mainly with cocaine because they use a transport infrastructure to move hashish mainly by lorries,” Perez added.

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