French Authorities to Evacuate 100 COVID Patients in Paris due to Surge

The French government announced that it planned to evacuate around 100 COVID-19 patients from intensive care units in Paris after a spike in cases caused severe bed shortages in the city.

“By the end of this week, probably around 100 patients will have been evacuated from the Ile-de-France region,” said government spokesman Gabriel Attal.

There are already two patients aged 33 and 70 who were airlifted to the southwestern city of Bordeaux.

Attal added that some patients would be transferred using trains to regions with fewer cases. 

The French government explained that the transfers will prevent another lockdown as they prepare their vaccination drive. 

“We are doing everything we can to not have to take more difficult, more restrictive measures. We will always take whatever decisions are necessary,” said Attal. 

France’s public health agency reported nearly 30,000 new cases and 174 fatalities over the weekend which brought the total death toll to 90,315.

There are no lockdowns planned for France yet but 6 pm curfews are still in place. 

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