Brazilian Police Crack Down on Illegal Parties as Cases Rise

Brazilian police raided an illegal party with nearly 600 people in a windowless nightclub in Sao Paulo after violating the social distancing protocol of the country amid the COVID-19 surge.

The police officers used rifles and axes to broke down the door of the nightclub in the city’s Capao Redondo district.

Hundreds of young party-goers were there while a few of them were masked, cowered on the dance floor as police silenced the music and arrested organizers.

Carlos Cesar Marera, enforcement director at Procon-SP said the city’s parties were organized through the internet.

“These young people, usually 18 to 23 years old, gather in these parties with no social distancing at a time when thousands of people are dying,” he added.

Police officer Eduardo Botero ran Saturday’s operation said that they have “never imagined the situation.”

“Today was a situation that we would never have imagined. There were hundreds and hundreds of people in a place without a single window, with all the doors closed. It was Sodom and Gomorra,” he said.

Brazil has a recorded death of about 12,000 of COVID-19 over the past week alone.

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