Three Palestinian Fishermen Killed by Israeli Drone, Gaza Interior Ministry Says

An Israeli drone killed three Palestinian fishermen in the sea of the Gaza Strip, according to the interior ministry in Gaza on March 11.

In a statement, the Hamas-run interior ministry said that a high-explosive device attached to an Israeli “quadcopter” drone got stuck in the fishermen’s nets then exploded when the men lifted the nets, killing all three last March 7 in the Khan Yunis sea.

According to the investigation committee of the ministry, the drone had been in the water since an Israeli attack on a Palestinian naval craft last Feb. 22 off the shores of Gaza.

“We hold the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the killing of the three fishermen,” the ministry said, naming the fisherman as Muhammad Hijazi al-Lahham, Zakaria Hijazi al-Lahham, and Yahya Mustafa al-Lahham.

The ministry said that Palestinian fishermen in the sea of the Gaza strip are “constantly exposed to the assaults and violations of the Israeli occupation.”

The ministry called for human rights organizations “to stand up to their responsibilities in pursuing the occupation in international courts for its crimes committed against our Palestinian people.”

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