United Nations Human Rights Investigators Probing Caracas “La Vega Massacre”

United Nations human rights investigators are probing the La Vega massacre” where Venezuelan police under President Nicolas Maduro allegedly killed 200 people in Caracas.

The UN investigators said that Venezuelan authorities had not released death certificates, charged autopsy fees, and delivered bodies in closed coffins that were not allowed to be opened.

The UN investigators suspected that the deaths may have been summary executions.

Out of the 200, most of the deaths came from the La Vega neighborhood of the capital, Caracas, from January 7 to 9.

“Our preliminary investigations suggest that at least some of those killed fell victim to extrajudicial executions,” said the head of the investigation, Marta Valinas.

Valinas added that at least 36 people have been illegally detained since September last year including journalists and at least 20 health workers who have criticized the government’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Venezuela’s envoy to the UN council denied the allegations and did not give further statements.

“Once again, the fact-checking mission presents politicized information without balance and justice,” reacted Hector Constant Rosales, Venezuelan ambassador to the UN in Geneva.

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