Morocco to Extradite Australian Citizen Targeted by Saudi Arabia for Political Opinions

Morocco will now extradite Osama al- Hasani, an Australian citizen to Saudi Arabia, believed to be targeted for his political opinions, following a court decision.

Al-Hasani was arrested on February 8 in Morocco just after he had arrived to be with his wife and their four-month-old daughter.

“I did not expect this verdict,” al-Hasani’s wife Hana cried as she told Reuters.

His UK-based lawyer Haydee Dijkstal earlier in a statement said, “The submissions raised concerns that Mr al-Hasani is being targeted by the Government of Saudi Arabia for political opinions he has expressed which have been critical of the Government, and that his rights to freedom of expression and association are therefore being violated as result of his arrest in Morocco, and might be irreparably violated if he is extradited to Saudi Arabia.”

“The fact he will be extradited to Saudi Arabia means simply that he is going to be tortured, and maybe worse than that, things I don’t want to think about right now,” Hana said.

Al-Hasani was arrested on theft charges alleged by Saudi Arabia, according to an official from the Morocco justice ministry.

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