Paris Hospitals Overcrowded Due to High Caseloads

Paris health officials said on Tuesday that the intensive care units in their hospitals were already overcrowded as the COVID-19 cases in the country rise.

ARS regional health authority said that in Paris and its outlying cities have  1,018 intensive care unit beds are already filled, out of the 1,050 intended for COVID-19 patients.

Paris officials said it urged to postpone 40 percent of non-urgent operations to have more beds available for COVID-19 cases, totaling to 1,577 beds for other coronavirus patients.

Avicenne hospital north intensive care doctor Stephane Gaudry said there is no need for a lockdown but resident should be aware on the current situation of the country.

“I’m not saying we need a lockdown but we need to be aware of the consequences of the current strategy: We’re saturated, the numbers keep climbing and we’re sending patients elsewhere as much as we can,” she said.

Despite the rising number of COVID-19 cases, public health chief Jérôme Salomon said that imposing a lockdown will be its “last resort.”

“This is a measure of last resort that would be proposed to the government and the head of State if we were under the impression that hospitals could not cope,” he told French radio RTL on Tuesday.

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