Huffington Post Shuts Down Canadian Operations

BuzzFeed has closed HuffPost Canada’s operations and laid off 23 workers as part of a company-wide restructuring plan. 

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed announced in a statement it would also be laying off 47 HuffPost employees in the U.S. and begin proposing “slimming operations” in Australia and the U.K.

HuffPost Canada said in a message on their website that it will no longer be posting content, but all existing content will remain archived on the site.

Samantha Beattie, a senior reporter for HuffPost Canada, called the announcement a “total surprise.” Beattie said union lawyers were only informed of the layoffs five minutes before staff members were called into a meeting with BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti. 

Melanie Woods, an audio producer with HuffPost Canada, said contract employees were not invited to the meeting with Peretti and therefore found out afterward from full-time employees who had attended the meeting. 

Woods explained, “Our managers here in Canada did not know ahead of time.” 

The layoffs at HuffPost Canada are the latest in hundreds of job cuts in Canadian media within the last year.

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