Wisconsin Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Foxconn

A Wisconsin court has dismissed a lawsuit against electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn, after the man who filed the lawsuit withdrew it on Monday.

Daniel Hintz, a Caledonia resident, filed the lawsuit against Foxconn on February 2, alleging that Foxconn was in breach of contract with Racine County and Mount Pleasant. The contract in question stated that Foxconn would build a Gen 10.5 LCD Facility, as well as stimulate the economy with thousands of potential jobs and billions of dollars in investment.

Hintz filed the suit as a tax payer of Racine County and claimed that this gave him the grounds to file a suit against Foxconn. A similar suit that Hintz had filed with Mount Pleasant was voted down earlier in February.

Foxconn has since entered contract renegotiation with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, with plans to build a smaller Gen 6 LCD Facility instead. Other plans, like those to develop electrically-powered vehicles, or to build coffee kiosks, are still being discussed at this time.

Foxconn would have originally earned $2.8 billion in state credits over 15 years, provided that they hired 13,000 employees and made a capital investment of $10 billion. Wisconsin state officials have said that Foxconn will receive its payment once the contract has been amended.

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