Thailand and Mizoram Ready to Accommodate Myanmar Refugees

Thailand and India’s Mizoram State expressed their willingness to take in refugees fleeing the coup violence in Myanmar.

Thailand has reportedly prepared facilities in provinces bordering Myanmar to accommodate any Burmese refugee that crosses them.

The said refugee centers were located in Mae Sot, Tha Song Yang, Mae Ramat, and Phob Phra districts which are adjacent to the Burmese border. 

Thailand’s Army Commander-in-Chief General Narongphan Chitkaewtae has reportedly visited personnel who will be tasked with refugee relief operations to assess their readiness.  

In India’s Mizoram State, Chief Minister Zoramthanga said that they must protect those facing political persecution after low-ranking Myanmar police officers and their families have recently crossed over and sought political asylum. 

“As common sense dictates, when there is a political problem in one country and when there is a fear for one’s life, if they cross over to the neighboring countries, then normally they were not sent back,” said Zoramthanga.

Mizoram home minister Lalchamliana however, said the state government is still waiting for “directions” from the central government on what to do with the refugees.

Zoramthanga defended that they are still obliged to provide food and shelter to the refugees for humanitarian reasons. 

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