Lebanese Caretaker Prime Minister Demands New Government as Protests Intensify

Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab has threatened to stop exercising his duties as he demands for the formation of a new government, amidst continued protests on the collapsing Lebanese pound.

“The current crisis is likely to worsen, and the scene of the race for milk in the supermarket should be an incentive for transcendence and forming a government,” said Diab in his televised speech on Saturday.

He said that he may be forced “to refrain” from his duties although it contradicted his convictions.

This, amidst protests continuing for nearly a week on Saturday as the Lebanese pound collapsed to 10,000 to the US dollar last week.

“The country is confronted with enormous challenges that a normal government cannot face without political consensus so how can a caretaker government face these challenges?” Diab added.

The country has failed to form a new government after the resignation of Diab’s cabinet following the August Beirut explosion.

Angry demonstrators burned tires and blocked streets across the country since last week as citizens struggled with unemployment and poverty.

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