Equatorial Guinea Blast Death toll Nears 100

Ninety-eight people were killed in Equatorial Guinea due to explosions at a military barracks in the nation’s economic capital. The blasts left more than 600 people injured. The series of explosions started around in the early afternoon on Sunday.

TVGB, the state television station broadcast footage of wrecked and burning buildings, showing people being pulled out of the rubble and wounded people lying on a hospital floor.

The station also showed footage of a thick column of black smoke coming from the Nkoantoma military camp in the country’s economic capital Bata.

Speaking about the cause of the explosions, President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo said “Bata was the location of an accident caused by the negligence and carelessness of a unit charged with the care and protection of the stores of dynamite and explosives next to the ammunition at the Nkoantoma Military Base, which caught fire from the burning of nearby land by neighbors, causing an explosion in the dynamite and explosives store and subsequently the ammunition.”

Mbasogo urged everyone to remain calm as the government assesses the situation.

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