Airline Cooperative SITA Impacted by Supply-Chain Cyberattack

A cyber attack on airline IT vendor SITA has compromised passenger data for their US based servers in what the company has called a “highly sophisticated attack”.

The affected servers are part of the SITA Passenger Service System (PSS), which is part of the system that processes passenger data across multiple airlines. SITA provides data services and contract support for 90% of worlds airlines.

Malaysia Air and Singapore Airlines have alerted their customers to the breach, with Singapore Airlines reporting 580,000 affected customers alone.

Edna Ayme-Yahil, SITA spokesperson, told Threatpost that there are potentially millions passengers whose data could be part of the breach, saying that its “safe to say that it does include personal data” of airline passengers.

Airline members of the Star Alliance have begun notifying their customers of the breach.

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