Richard Branson’s Virgin Enterprises Sues South Florida’s Brightline for Reputational Damage

Virgin Enterprises has filed a lawsuit against Brightline railways for $251 million in damages, after Brightline says that Virgin “tarnished” their reputation.

Brightline told Virgin that they were tarnishing their reputation, saying that the “Virgin brand had ceased to constitute a brand of international high repute, largely because of matters related to the pandemic.”  Virgin would then file for termination in August 2020.

Virgin made statements in addition to issuing that lawsuit on February 10, calling the claims “cynical and spurious”, saying that they were “completely false”.

Brightline had continued to use imagery of Virgin Enterprises on their Twitter page when the termination was filed. Virgin alleges that this is proof that the claims are false.

The deal was set to last 20 years, with the earliest point of termination being 2023 with an associated late fee. The $251.3 million in damages is what Virgin would have collected through 2023, along with the associated late fee.

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