Paraguay President Removes Ministers as Protests Break out Nationwide

Paraguay President President Mario Abdo Benitez have removed education, women’s affairs and civil affairs ministers from their post due to mishandling COVID-19 situations.

The health minister of the country Julio Mazzoleni earlier has also filed his resignation on Friday after he was criticized by the health care unions.

Benitez assigned Dr. Julio Borba to replace Mazzoleni after he stepped down from his post. Borba was the vice minister before his current position.

Benitez meanwhile has assigned new ministers. He assured the public that these men will do there best to respond on the crisis happening in the country.

“I am sure that the men and women named will do their utmost to confront this moment of crisis that the country is enduring,” he said as he announced that the new ministers.

Opposition parties also wanted Benitez to resign.

Earlier, residents of Paraguay have protested asking for Mazzoleni’s resignation.

Health Ministry Spokesman Hernan Martinez said that the country’s health system is in trouble, as the government announced there have been shortages of drugs to treat COVID-19 patients and the public hospitals were full.

“We are in a critical situation,” Martinez said.

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