International Police Operation Targets European Prostitution Network

French and Spanish police conducted an operation against sexual exploitation of Latin American female victims, French authorities reported.

During the operation, about 12 people were arrested, eight in Spain, two in France, one in Italy and one in Romania.

The French authorities have identified 33 female victims were sexually exploited in France and have currently receiving assistance from the same country.

The operation had began after two victims reported the situation and a court in Montpellier issued a European Investigation Order that allowed inquiries in Spain to begin.

According to a report, a woman has offered them jobs on cleaning or childcare however when they have arrived in France, they were forced into prostitution.

Reports also said that the French clients will call their numbers which were advertised on a website and will direct them to the call center and they will be messaged with an address then once they arrived in the address, the call center will made another call for the room number where the client will meet the women.

The National Police has seized more than 18,000 euro, digital effects, 30 mobile phones, an electric pistol and documents. 

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