Venezuela Allegedly Illegally Sold Gold to Mali and UAE

Venezuela’s opposition has accused government of President Nicolas Maduro of illegally selling the country’s international gold reserves.

Julio Borges, designated by Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as his chief overseas envoy, during US Treasury and Senate Committee on Foreign Relations presented the investigation showing the sale of 300 tons of gold since 2014 that allegedly involves Russia, Mali and UAE.

“Huge amounts of cash have left UAE for Venezuela to be exchanged for Venezuelan gold,” he said.

Borges also added that UAE was the “nerve center of this great theft of Venezuela’s riches.”

“This money is arriving in Venezuela without any control,” he also said.

Venezuela had 85.7 tons of gold in the Central Bank, according to the last count in recorded in December 2002, while gold reserves stood at 275 tons in 2014, according to official figures.

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