North Ireland Paramilitary Groups Withdraw Support for Good Friday Agreement

North Ireland loyalist paramilitary groups have told Prime Minister Boris Johnson they are withdrawing support for the Good Friday Agreement in protest of Northern Ireland’s Irish Sea trade border with the rest of the UK.

The Loyalist Communities Council (LCC) told Johnson that the North Ireland protocol which dictates the sea border must be replaced.

The LCC represented the views of the UVF, UDA, and Red Hand Commando and act as their political arm.

LCC chairman David Campbell said that they will withdraw their support for the agreement until “rights under the Agreement are restored and the protocol amended to ensure unfettered access for goods, services, and citizens throughout the United Kingdom,”

The LCC added that unionist opposition to the Northern Ireland protocol should remain “peaceful and democratic”.

Unionists said that protocol damages trade and threatened Northern Ireland’s place in the UK and breached the Good Friday Agreement.

In response, Johnson’s office said that they were “fully committed to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement” which ended the decades-long insurgency in Northern Ireland.

The LCC said they had no desire to reignite the Troubles but said that their outrage should not be underestimated.

“If you or the EU is not prepared to honor the entirety of the agreement then you will be responsible for the permanent destruction of the agreement.” said the LCC.

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