Macron: France Murdered Algerian Independence Activist Ali Boumendjel in 1957

President Emmanuel Macron has acknowledged that French soldiers killed Algerian independence activist Ali Boumendjel during the Algerian war had and covered up his death as suicide, on Tuesday. 

Boumendjel was a lawyer and political leader who sought for the independence of Algeria. 

Macron met with Boumendjel’s grandchildren on Tuesday at the Elysée Palace and admitted “on behalf of France” that the activist was tortured and murdered on March 23, 1957.

“To look history in the face, to recognize the truth of the facts, will not make it possible to close still open wounds, but will help to pave the way for the future,” said the statement from the office of the president.

The statement added, “The generation of Ali Boumendjel’s grandchildren must be able to build their destiny, far from the two ruts of amnesia and resentment.”

The statement also recognized the activist’s late wife, Malika who fought for the truth about his death.

“She wanted the truth to be known and recognized by all, for her family, for History, for Algeria and for France where some of her children and grandchildren were building their lives.” 

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