Government Security Forces Kill 9 More Protesters in Myanmar

At least nine more protesters have been killed by Burmese security forces during demonstrations in Myanmar.

Security forces reportedly resorted to using live fire to disperse the protesters in various towns and cities which has caused serious wounds and casualties.

The alleged shootings allegedly occurred in Mandalay, Yangon, Myingyan, and Monywa but some areas are unconfirmed.

Medics said that four people have been shot to death in Central Myanmar while another pair were killed near Mandalay. 

“They fired tear gas, rubber bullets, and live rounds,” a volunteer medic told the AFP.

According to an unnamed doctor, one protester was directly shot in the head while the other in the chest.

“One was killed, he’s young, a teenage boy, shot in the head,” claimed a protester interviewed by Reuters. 

Footage from the scene showed the security forces pointing various guns including assault rifles and submachine guns at groups of unarmed protesters. 

Pictures also circulated social media showing alleged protesters who died from being shot at including a medic. 

It is unknown yet how many have been actually killed but some figures estimate at least 18 deaths which are as high as last Sunday’s figures. 

The Tatmadaw has not yet made a statement regarding the continuing use of deadly force against protesters.

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