Earthquake Swarm Shakes Iceland

Iceland has been experiencing a swarm of earthquakes which started on Wednesday last week in the country’s southwest. So far, the country has recorded over 10,000 quakes of varying magnitudes.

Bryndís Gísladóttir, a natural hazards specialist at the Icelandic Met Office, states that while swarms of earthquakes that last this long are known in uninhabited areas, such as by Askja and Herðubreið mountains, they are rare near inhabited areas.

Officials have now detected magma movements, which means that the risk of a volcanic eruption increases as the swarm continues.

Iceland is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. The impact of its eruptions is often felt throughout Europe and the Northern Hemisphere.

The country sits on the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, making it prone to earthquakes as the plates move away from each other and pull the island apart.

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