Detained BBC Journalist Released by Ethiopian Authorities Without Charge

Ethiopian authorities have now released BBC journalist Girmay Gebru, along with three other media employees following their arrests earlier this week without charges.

BBC Tigrinya reporter Girmay Gebru was arrested in a café in Tigray capital Mekelle on Monday, the BBC reported.

The military has also released local journalist Tamirat Yemane, translators Fitsum Berhane and Alula Akalu working for the AFP news agency and the Financial Times.

Authorities arrested Berhane at his home on Friday while Akalu at a restaurant on Saturday, both in the regional capital.

The military did not specify charges for their arrest.

The BBC said, “We are seeking a full explanation from the authorities as to why he and others were arrested when they had clearly committed no offence.”

This, despite government approval of said media outlets to report in Tigray amidst the continuing conflict in the African nation between the government and the regional Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Mulu Nega, head of the interim administration in Tigray earlier said that the media workers were under investigation but provided no further details.

Editors Note: Story “BBC-JOURNALIST-TIGRAY-RELEASED” corrected on 03.03.2021 10:59. The original headline contained a minor typographical error.

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