Eight Year Old British Boy Becomes Latest Professional Fortnite Gamer

Eight year old Joseph Deen of California becomes the youngest esports player ever after signing a contract with Team 33 last December.

Team 33 invited Deen to their headquarters to sign the deal, which included a $33,000 signing bonus and a high-speed internet and gaming set-up installed in his home. 

Deen’s parents put the bonus in his savings account for when he is older.

Deen also plays the piano, which fellow teammates speculate could be the reason for his gaming success. Deen himself says that playing the piano allowed for learning how to use a mouse and keyboard quickly.

The Fortnite esports scene is relatively young, with only 2 of the top 10 esports players aging 18 or older. The previous youngest player was Kyle Jackson, age 13.

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