Burmese Security Forces uses Flashbangs, Tear Gas Grenades, and Live Fire against Charging Protesters

Burmese security forces have reportedly used flashbangs wantonly against protesters and residents along Insein Road, Yangon, and continued to do so until the evening

“Police fired teargas and stun grenades to disperse more than 300 demonstrators near the Sin Yay Twin bus stop on Yangon’s Insein Road at 10:45am. The protesters have retreated north to Butar Yone bus stop. Local residents are helping teargas victims,” reported Frontier Myanmar

Footage from the scene showed the Burmese police backed by military bracing with riot shields before the protesters charged.

The police officers then started throwing flashbangs and tear gas grenades directly into the protesters before opening fire with rubber rounds.

Loud bangs could be heard from the videos as the protesters try to repel the police with their own makeshift protective gear while some retreated from the billowing tear gas smoke.

More social media photos from the scene show officers firing assault rifles into the air and snipers posted on rooftops but no protesters were reported to have been shot with live ammo.

As the protesters started retreating, their backlines erected concrete obstacles and barricades to prevent police from chasing them.

Witnesses claimed on Twitter that police still chased the protesters down inside private residences and continued to shoot them with rubber bullets.

More footage was shared reportedly showing police trucks driving around the area in the evening throwing flashbangs around to deter anyone from going out.

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