Austria to Develop Second Generation COVID-19 Vaccines with Denmark and Israel

Austria and Denmark announced plans to build a “vaccine alliance” with Israel to develop next-generation COVID-19 vaccines to combat future pandemics.

Austria and Denmark made the decision because of the slow rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in the European Union.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that the EU’s process for procuring vaccines for member states was acceptable but the European Medicines Agency (EMA)  was responsible for the delays in ordering, approving, and distributing vaccines.

“We must therefore prepare for further mutations and should no longer be dependent only on the EU for the production of second-generation vaccines,” said Kurz.

Danish Prime Minister Danish Mette Frederiksen also criticized EU’s vaccine programme.

“I don’t think it can stand alone, because we need to increase capacity. That is why we are now fortunate to start a partnership with Israel,” said Frederiksen.

Kurz and Frederiksen said that they would be traveling to Jerusalem this week to meet with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the vaccine alliance.

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