Right Wing Social Platform ‘Gab’ Hacked

Social media platform Gab, a site known for its right leaning political communities, was hacked by transparency group DDoSecrets, who allegedly stole 70 GB worth of user data.

Gab became popular for Alt-Right political activists after Parler, another social media site, was hacked and subsequently dropped by Amazon Web Services in January. 

Many of the users involved in the hack flocked to Parler and Gab in January when former President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter. Trump was banned in response to riots at the Capitol building in Washington D.C..

DDoSecrets announced Sunday evening that it would provide the data to journalists and news outlets upon request, and that it would not publish the data out of respect for user privacy. 

Cofounder of DDoSecrets Emma Best made comments to WIRED magazine, calling the data breach a “goldmine” in ongoing searches for QAnon and “neo-Nazi” presence in connection with the Capitol riots. 

The data is alleged to contain usernames, passwords, private chats, and public chat log files, and was stolen using an SQL vulnerability in Gab’s software. 

The hacker who stole the documents is quoted as saying that they want to “represent the nameless struggling masses against capitalists and fascists”.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba has confirmed the breach in statements made Sunday evening to Gab’s company blog page. 

Torba told users that they “presumed” press request for comment were in direct cooperation with the hacker in “efforts to smear our business and hurt you, our users”, and that they were working to solve the problem.

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