Airbnb Predicts Travel Rebound in 2021

Travel website Airbnb is preparing for travel rebounds around the world following the proposed lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

This news comes after the travel company reported a 30% loss in revenue for 2020, caused mostly by travel restrictions imposed by nations worldwide. Travel for the last quarter was down 22% versus years prior, less than predicted by investors.

Airbnb said it was confident that private homes would remain in use for those traveling to visit family, but cautioned against long-term growth for the 2021 fiscal year. They have reported an increase in domestic travel, but sharp declines in international travel whose loses have not been made up, with the European market being hit the hardest.

Analysts have an optimistic view of the company, saying that they were “highly attractive” and that they struggled to find better outlooks on travel during COVID restrictions.

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