Russian Diplomats and Families Flee North Korea Using Hand Trolley

Eight members of Russia’s Pyongyang Embassy and their families spent 34 hours leaving North Korea via railway cart, and escaping onto Russian soil.

Kim Jung Un and government officials locked down North Korea’s borders in an attempt to contain the spread of COVID-19, resulting in the diplomats being stranded abroad. Air travel into Russia has been suspended for months.

This forced the diplomats to ride 32 hours on North Korea’s railway system, then catching a bus to the border before making the rest of the journey on foot. In order to get their luggage across, they had to rent a trolley and push it along the tracks by hand. 

This stretch of the journey lasted about 1 kilometer, or half a mile.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel met with diplomats and families at the border to assist them, and to provide travel to nearby airports. 

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