China’s President Xi Jinping Makes Dubious Claim that Rural China is “Poverty Free”

Chinese President Xi Jinping made a dubious claim that all poor people in rural areas across the country have been lifted out of poverty.

Xi alleged in his speech that 10 million citizens were taken out of poverty during his 8-year tenure at a cost of almost 1.6 trillion yuan ($248 billion.)

According to Xi,  his actions were a “complete victory” and a “miracle” which was done 10 years ahead of the UN goal deadline.

 “I insisted on looking at real poverty, understanding the real efforts to reduce poverty, helping those who are in real poverty, and achieving real poverty alleviation,” said Xi.

Xi said that all of the 832 impoverished counties and 1,28,000 impoverished villages in the poverty list have been removed but did not expound on the current living conditions there. 

Xi added that their success was because of China’s one-party model
which worked despite  alleged“invasions made by Western powers.”

The Chinese Communist Party has claimed that poverty alleviation has been their priority a long-term goal since they seized the government in 1949.

Despite their claims, there are disputes that China’s threshold for poverty is intentionally set very low.

In contrast with the World Bank poverty standard of around $2,000 a year, 373 million or about 27%” of China would still be considered poor.

Premier Li Keqiang said in 2020 that 600 million citizens still had an income per person of barely 1,000 yuan, or about $150, a month which is not enough to get by according to local cost of living and international standards. 

Xi did not also address urban poverty in his speech because his claims only encompassed those in the countryside. 

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