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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Brazil COVID-19 Death Toll More Than 250,000

Brazil, Latin America’s biggest country COVID-19 deaths have more than 250,000 on Thursday, the year after the first case was confirmed in the country, due to the uncontrollably spread of the virus.

Brazil Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said that the country has 251,498 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19.

This week has been the deadliest week in Brazil as it had a daily average of 1,149, according to the ministry’s figures.

A new coronavirus variant was first found in Amazonas state which was believed to be more contagious. 

The new variant has already been detected in 17 states in Brazil. The country’s health experts have been calling on Brazilian local governments to impose lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

Brazilian scientist and physician Miguel Angelo Nicolelis said, “Right now, Brazil is the largest open-air laboratory, where it is possible to observe the natural dynamics of the coronavirus without any effective containment measure.”

“Everyone will witness the epic devastation… Last month, he warned that if Brazil did not enter a lockdown to limit travel and gatherings, we won’t be able to bury our dead in 2021,” he added.

The country has only secured 16 million out of its 210 million population. To date, Brazil is using China’s Sinovac vaccine for its people.

Brazil has a total number of 10.4 million COVID-19 cases and 9.26 million have recovered.

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