Migrant Boat Capsizes off Central Mediterranean, 41 Dead

Forty-one people died as their boat turned over in the the Central Mediterranean on February 20, United Nations reported on Wednesday.

It is the latest shipwreck involving migrants fleeing to Libya, report says.

UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) and migration agencies said that the 41 people who have died was among the 120 migrants on a lifeboat that left Libya on February 18.

UNCHR, citing the survivors, reported that tragedy began when the lifeboat took on water about 15 hours after the migrants embarked on their perilous voyage.

At least six people died after falling into the water, while two others tried to  survive however they were drowned.

A commercial vessel have rescued the some survivors and brought them to Sicilian port town of Porto Empedocle in Italy. The commercial vessel has arrived and tried to rescue other survivors in UNHCR’s described as “difficult and delicate operation,” however many have died during the operation.

UN agencies said that the said shipwreck was the latest along the Central Mediterranean migration route.

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