Man Rescued After Clinging to Floating Trash for 14 hours in Pacific Ocean

Lithuanian engineer Vidam Perevertilov survived 14 hours adrift in the Pacific Ocean before being rescued by the same ship he fell from.

Pervertilov, 52, was working the night shift aboard the Silver Supporter when he fainted and fell overboard somewhere near the Austral Islands of French Polynesia. He would then find and cling to an old untethered fishing buoy that was still adrift.

The Silver Supporter soon realized Perevertilov was missing, sending out a distress signal and beginning to work their course backwards in search. A passenger aboard the ship heard a “weak, human shout” off the starboard side of the vessel, noticing Perevertilov floating a few hundred feet out.

French Polynesian and Britian’s High Commissioner of New Zealand offices called the event an “incredible survival story”, with French Polynesia adding that it was “a happy ending for the man and the crew of the Silver Supporter”.

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