German Authorities Ban and Raid Salafist Jihadi Group

German police have raided properties belonging to jihadist-Salafist association Jama’atu Berlin,” also known as Tauhid Berlin after it was banned by Berlin’s Senate.

The raids were conducted by at least 800 police personnel is 26 locations in Berlin and Brandenburg but no arrests have been announced after the raids.

The Senate said the group supported the Islamic State, rejected the German constitution, anti-semitism, and called for sharia as the sole legitimate law.

The group reportedly had contact with Anis Amri, the Tunisian asylum seeker who hijacked a truck and drove it into a Christmas market in Berlin in 2016 and killed 12 people.

Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel said that 19 members have been under surveillance for the past two years.

“The danger of Islamist terrorism remains high. Today’s ban is another building block in the resolute fight against violent extremism,” said Geisel.

Salafists are conservative Sunni Muslims who seek the implementation of Sharia law and are willing to commit violence to establish Islamic states.

Germany’s domestic intelligence said that as of 2019, there were 12,150 Salafists in the country, and has been increasing since 2011.

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