German and Belgian Customs Authorities Seizes 23 Tons of Cocaine

Customs authorities in Germany and Belgium have seized more than 23 tonnes of cocaine on its way to the Netherlands.

German authorities found the cocaine hidden inside five shipping containers in the port of Hamburg that had arrived from Paraguay earlier in February. 

The cocaine weighed a total of 16 tonnes in Germany, with the other 7.2 tonnes caught by Belgium authorities at the port of Antwerp.

The cocaine in Germany was found stuffed into more than 1,700 tins, which were loaded into the shipping container to look like actual cargo. Authorities in Belgium found the cocaine hidden in a container that was filled with wooden blocks.

Law enforcement in the Netherlands have arrested a 28-year old man in connection with the bust, saying that he was taken into custody late on Wednesday.

This find now sets the record for the most narcotics ever seized in Europe, with German customs saying that it is likely “one of the largest single seizure drug busts of all time”. Officials estimate that the seizure is worth potentially billions of euros in street value.

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