United Kingdom to Ease COVID Lockdown Restrictions

UK Officials will introduce relaxed restrictions after infection rates fall and vaccine roll outs go into effect.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce the introduction of these eased restrictions following a 2 month national lockdown designed to help get new infections of COVID-19 under control. 

The first announcements that children will return to school’s on March 8th has been released, along with allowing for outdoor social events on the same day.

The UK has further plans to re-introduce outdoor sports on March 29 should vaccine results continue to look promising. British health officials say that more than 17 million people have received their first two doses of the vaccine.

UK economists and government officials are hopeful that eased restrictions will lead to economic growth, given how hard the British economy fell during 2020. The UK has also been hit hard by death numbers from the virus, seeing 120,000 deaths over the course of the past year.

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