Russia Approves CoviVac for Domestic Use

Russian government officials approved the use of the CoviVac vaccine for domestic use as of Saturday, with large scale clinical trials set to begin sometime in the coming weeks.

CoviVac, produced by the Chumakov Centre, are different than the first two vaccines approved for use across Russia, containing the “entire virion” of the COVID-19 virus. The only other vaccine to make use of the virion is India’s COVAXIN produced by Bharat Biotech.  

The Sputnik V vaccine, approved in September 2020, uses a modified cold virus as opposed to the actual COVID-19 virus. So far, the Sputnik V has shown an efficacy rate of around 91.4% since mass vaccination began in December.

CoviVac is the third vaccine to be approved for use in Russia, making them the only nation to have three different vaccines in use according to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. 

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