Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to Challenge Brexit

Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)  will issue a legal challenge against Northern Ireland protocol provision of the European Union and the United Kingdom Brexit deal.

Other “like-minded unionists” will be joining the legal challenging the Northern Ireland Protocol’s compatibility with Act of Union 1800, the Northern Ireland Act of 1998 and the Belfast Agreement, DUP said in a statement. 

“Alongside the political action we have been taking, we have considered a number of legal routes, and will be joining other unionists from across the United Kingdom in judicial review proceedings to challenge the protocol, unless arrangements are put in place which are consistent with the Act of Union 1800, the Northern Ireland Act of 1998 and the Belfast Agreement,” said DUP Leader Arlene Foster.

Trade barriers were made between the British region and UK under the Northern Ireland Protocol. 

It was also created for the protection of the European Union’s market without making a land border on the island of Ireland.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2020 signed the protocol as part of an international agreement.

Ulster Unionist Party, region’s second largest pro-British party will also join the proceedings.

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