Myanmar Military Junta Threatens Violence Against Planned General Strike

Myanmar’s Military Junta, the Tatmadaw had publicly warned against the planned “22222” general strike across the country and said that it is willing to use force if necessary.

“It is found that the protesters have raised their incitement towards riot and anarchy mob on the day of 22 February. Protesters are now inciting the people, especially emotional teenagers and youths, to a confrontation path where they will suffer the loss of life,” announced the Tatmadaw on state television broadcaster MRTV.

The statement was made after a call for the “22222” general strike was made last Sunday by the Civil Disobedience Movement.

The “22222” or “five twos” referenced the date 22/2/2021, the day they planned to begin the nationwide strikes.

In defense of the recent incidents where security forces opened fire and killed three unarmed civilians, the Tatmadaw alleged that the victims were criminals.

The Myanmar foreign ministry also released a statement warning unnamed foreign countries the United Nations to reportedly watch their words.

“The ministry views that some statements and remarks made by some embassies in Yangon and foreign countries are tantamount to flagrant interference in internal affairs of Myanmar,” said the foreign ministry.

As of February 22, protests were held across several cities in Myanmar while businesses have followed the call to close their business.

In response to the protests, security forces blocked off roads but were unable to halt the protesters.

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