Almost 30,000 Mac Computers Infected with Mysterious Silver Sparrow Malware

A mysterious strain of malware dubbed Silver Sparrow has found its way on to nearly 30,000 Mac computers.

The virus was discovered by Wes Hurd and Jason Killam of Red Canary, a cybersecurity operations and education center, with further help from Malwarebytes.

The Silver Sparrow virus is a self-replicating chain of code that uses the macOS LaunchAgent in combination with a JavaScript code to install itself onto Mac users machines. Further investigation of the virus has found that it has the potential to compromise Apple’s new M1 chip, which they just rolled out in November 2020.

Silver Sparrow was designed to deliver an unknown payload and then wipe itself from any machine it was downloaded on, making it impossible to trace once it had delivered its intended package. 

Red Canary and Malwarebytes were able to learn how Silver Sparrow replicates and inform Apple, allowing them to create firmware code to prevent the spread. 

Members of the tech community have become increasingly concerned over Apple’s new chipset and any vulnerabilities that might make Mac users more susceptible to malware attacks.

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