Sudan Recalls Ambassador to Ethiopia over Border Tension and Dam Project

Sudan has decided to recall its ambassador to Ethiopia as the rift between the two nations continued to run deep due to border disputes and the controversial filling of the Blue Nile dam, the country’s foreign ministry announced on Wednesday.

“Sudan has recalled its ambassador to Addis Ababa for consultations over Sudanese-Ethiopian relations,” Sudan’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mansour Boulad said in a press release, providing no further details about why Ambassador Gamal al-Sheikh was summoned home.

The Sudanese government’s move comes amid escalating tensions between the two countries in the recent months after Sudan started deploying troops to the territories that have been occupied by Ethiopian farmers and militias since mid-December.

The fertile land in the Al-Fashaqa border region, a territory claimed by Sudan, has been cultivated by Ethiopian farmers. The land has been seeing sporadic clashes over the years.

According to Sudanese authorities, many civilians and troops were injured and killed after getting ambushed by Ethiopian forces in the al-Qadarif province.

The argument between the two parties intensified for weeks, accusing each other of military incursion and violation of territorial integrity.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry accused Sudan of forcing its way into its territory, describing its neighboring country’s moves as a “flagrant violation of international law against the use of force and the boundary re-demarcation treaties.”

“Sudan invaded land that is part of Ethiopia’s territory. In its indefensible conduct, the Sudanese Army demolished Ethiopian administrative institutions, occupied military camps, killed and displaced residents, and destroyed their crops and property,” it added.

The rift only deepened due to the controversial filling of the massive Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile River.

The two nations have already done several rounds of negotiations over the previous months to pacify the dispute. However, they were still unable to create any progress in settling the issues.

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