Seiko Hashimoto Becomes New Tokyo Olympics President

Olympian Seiko Hashimoto has been named president of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee today after the former president was asked to resign amidst sexist comments.

Yoshiro Mori, former Olympic committee president,  was forced to resign from the position last week after making comments that women talked too much. The board, made up of 80% men, asked for Mori’s resignation and appointed Hasimoto earlier today.

Hashimoto has made 7 appearances in the Olympics, in both the winter and summer games. Prior to being named president, Hashimoto served in Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s cabinet  as the Olympic minister where she advocated for women’s rights on multiple occasions.

Both Hashimoto and the board hope that this move will send a signal to other nations for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics to encourage gender equality. 

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