SaskPower to Provide Additional Power for Southern US States Amid Winter Blackouts

Canada-based electricity supplier SaskPower has decided to export 175 megawatts (MW) of electricity to the U.S., as many southern states in the neighboring country struggle due to wide-range power outages amid the frigid temperatures across America.

Approximately three million Americans in the southern part of the U.S. are experiencing rolling blackouts and far-reaching power failures as the intensely dropping temperatures caused the demand for electricity to increase significantly.

Despite the spiking demand for electricity in Saskatchewan, SaskPower said in a press release that the Canadian province’s power grid has been able to keep up with the challenge.

With this, the Crown power firm was able to begin exporting 150 megawatts of electricity to the U.S. on Sunday. On Tuesday, the company said that it would increase the flow of electricity to 175 megawatts, an amount of energy that would be enough to provide power for about 45,500 homes.

“In Saskatchewan, we know first-hand the challenges posed by extreme winter weather, and being part of an integrated grid means that when called upon, we help each other out,” said Kory Hayko, SaskPower Vice-President of Transmission and Industrial Services, as well as President and CEO of NorthPoint Energy Solutions.

“We have been able to help our neighbors in their time of need, while maintaining the stability of our grid and delivering reliable power to our customers,” he added.

The principal electricity supplier of Saskatchewan said it is confident that it could provide aid to the U.S. power grid without compromising the amount of energy and quality of service that it provides for the Canadian province.

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