Burmese Police Harass Striking Railway Workers in Mandalay

Burmese Police have violently dispersed striking railway workers in Mandalay with rubber bullets and tear gas.

The railway workers joined pro-democracy protesters in obstructing the Rail Bus Engine (RBE) trains using log barricades to protest the Tatmadaw coup. 

The protests went on past the 8 PM curfew which prompted the Burmese security forces to disperse them.

Police reportedly proceeded to fire at least 40 shots and threw tear gas grenades towards protesters who were forced to retreat to a nearby housing facility for railway workers. 

Police allegedly fired into the homes and targeted anyone standing outside. 

“First there were three, and then five shots, and then six shots, followed by several rounds at once. The smoke [from the gunfire] reached our houses and came in through the windows so that we had to use fans to ventilate the rooms, but the smell of gunpowder caused our eyes to tear up,” said one resident interviewed by Radio Free Asia. 

Video shared on social media showed ed and grey smoke rising from the protest sites while demonstrators were running away from distant gunfire. 

Discarded casings from 12ga shotgun shells and what appeared to be a 5.56×45mm casing which is commonly used in Burmese small arms were also seen

There are no clear figures on how many people were injured, but local press reported that three people were injured and two arrested while a journalist was also beaten. 

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