Peru: 487 Government Officials Secretly Received Early Covid-19 Vaccinations

The Peruvian government is plunged into scandal as 487 officials were secretly vaccinated with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine prior to the country’s official roll-out.

Several Peruvian ministers were among those vaccinated, as well as former President Martin Vizcarra, who received the vaccine along with his wife Maribel in October. 

The vaccine was available to officials via clinical trials through Cayetano Heredia University. 

Interim President Francisco Sagasti announced the findings on Monday, saying that Peru was “outraged” and that members of the Transition and Emergency Government body had “failed to fulfill their duty as public servants” to his office according to CNN.

While the majority of government officials who received the vaccine were members of the Vizcarra administration, Sagasti admitted that members of his own administration were among the guilty parties. 

Cayetano Heredia University has denied that Vizcarra and other government officials were volunteers in the clinical trial.

Peru just received 300,000 doses of the Sinopharm on February 7, and began vaccination of key healthcare personnel within two days. They are the first Latin American nation to begin distribution of a vaccine.

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