Mount Etna Erupts; Catania Airport Closed and Flights Diverted

 SpeMount Etna has smoke, lava, and ashes after it erupted for the second time this month.

Photos of the volcano show an orange-tinged plume of ashes rising summit while lava flowed out of the crater.

Italian news agency Adnkronos reported that the lava flow reached an altitude of  6,500 feet.

The Italian National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology (NGIV) said the eruption from Etna’s southeastern crater started late Tuesday afternoon and claimed that there is no imminent danger. 

“We’ve seen worse,” said INGV head Stefano Branco.

Due to ash fall and airborne debris, the nearby Catania airport was closed down while flights were advised to divert from the area. 

The three villages at the foot of  Etna, Linguaglossa, Fornazzo, and Milo are currently on alert for any further volcanic activity. 

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