Haitian Migrants Clash with Border Patrols Along the Peru-Brazil Border

Haitian migrants tried to cross the border between Peru and Brazil, which they were prohibited due to COVID-19 restrictions, causeiung a clash between Peru authorities and migrants.

According to witnesses in the Peruvian region of Madre de Dios, a group consisting of about 350 migrants defied orders and crossed the border between Assis, Brazil, and Iñapari, Peru attempting to push through with their march north.

The incident resulted in police responding with tear gas and physical skirmishes.

Another group of migrants stayed in the municipal stadium of Iñapari.

Father Paco, a catholic priest with 50 years of missionary experience in Brazil said they are waiting for this issue to be resolved.

“Here they are now waiting for a solution, which has to be political and governmental, since the border is officially closed due to COVID-19 and that is why they are not allowed to pass, at least officially,” he told EFE.

“The urgent thing now is to push the authorities to create a humanitarian corridor. They only want to cross Peru. And now we hear that there are more people who come to this crossing, people who are looking for a better life, to return to their country, and it is terrible. And it is also terrible how they are treated. For example, fuel trucks cross the closed border, but people do not,” he added.

The mayor’s office of Assis, according to a report, said that governor Gladson Cameli contacted the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to “manage a request of a humanitarian nature, through diplomatic channels.”

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