German Police Must Pay for Using Jerusalema Song in Viral Video Says Warner Music

German state officials are forced to pay out licensing fees to Warner Music after participating in a viral music challenge that involved the popular song Jerusalema by South African DJ, Master KG. 

The viral dance challenge involved staff at businesses, hospitals, and police forces around the world after dancers in Angola used it as the soundtrack to a video. 

German organizations were attempting to improve moral in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic by participating in the dance challenge.  

Warner Music has written notices asking for thousands of Euros in payment for the use of the song. Dusseldorf University Hospital and North Rhine-Westphalia Fire Brigades Association have made statements, with both affirming that Warner Music asked them for licensing fees. 

Warner Music has since defended the action, saying that they think German organizations should “secure a dubbing license,” according to an article by The Journal. The music label’s social media saw a spike in negative attention on Facebook after the announcement. 

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