Chinese Police Arrest Vaccine Scam Ringleader

Chinese authorities arrests leader of the vaccine scam, who uses vials filled with saline solution or mineral water declared as real COVID-19 vaccines, police says.

Kong, identified by Chinese media as the vaccine scam leader have been in the Chinese police custody.

According to a report, Kong, had researched the packaging designs of real vaccines before making more than 58,000 of his own product.

Also, according to a court ruling, he and his team made a profit around $2.78 million from these fake vaccines which started in August 2020.

In a report from the BBC, Kong has shipped more than 600 vaccines to Hongkong in November 2020. In December 2020, more than 200 people had been injected with 500 doses of the fake vaccine.

Chinese authorities have committed to “come down hard” on anyone convicted of this type of fraud.

Kong was one of dozens of people arrested in connection with 21 separate incidents of suspected vaccine counterfeiting.

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