Thai Protesters Stage ‘Red Cloth Cover-up’ to Protest Lèse-Majesté Laws

Thailand protesters cover-up the Democracy Monument in red-cloth, which represents “democracy,” to protest defamation law or the Lèse-Majesté in Phra Nakhon, Bangkok.

Activists also threw paint at police and several “small bangs” were heard during a standoff near a city shrine after the demonstration had moved from Democracy Monument and the main leaders had called for it to disperse.

According to the activists, the red cloth on the monument represents the blood of fighters for democracy.

Police Deputy Spokesman Kissana Pattanacharoen said in a statement, more than 20 police officers were injured in the clashes and one firecracker exploded at the scene.

During the protest, there were also around seven or eight people who were detained for questioning.

Lèse-Majesté is a crime under n Section 112 of the Thai Criminal Code, it is illegal “to defame, insult, or threaten the king, queen, heir-apparent, heir-presumptive.”

Violators may be imprisoned for about three to fifteen years in charged with Lèse-Majesté.

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