Burmese Security Forces Reportedly Opened Fire Again on Pro-Democracy Protesters

Security forces in Myanmar have reportedly opened fire to disperse pro-democracy protesters at a power plant in the city of Myitkyina.

It is unclear whether the protesters were shot with rubber bullets or live ammunition and there are no reported casualties or injuries yet due to the recent internet blackout in the country. 

Multiple videos have circulated on Twitter showing groups of protesters running away from smoke and staccatos of gunfire in the dark. 

There were also photos that were shared showing alleged Burmese residents bearing injuries from what appeared to be rubber buckshot.

Aside from injury photos, there were also photos of 12 Ga. hulls bearing Cheddite markings which could mean that Burmese security forces had actually used rubber shot. 

In Mandalay, protesters outside Myanmar Economic Bank were also reportedly dispersed violently by police. 

CNA reported that police were using slingshots against the protesters after they arrived at the scene using trucks. 

Photos also surface from the Mandalay protest showing policemen armed with large bore airguns, but there were no reports yet if they have used them.

The number of security forces has increased across Myanmar as more armored vehicles were deployed in protest hotspots.

International news outlets have also shown various shots of vehicles parked along major roads around cities.

The vehicles ranged from Ukrainian BTR-3s, Chinese Type-92s, and locally made MAV-2s. 

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